While other companies have just started delivering their Air Prompter® knock-offs, Air Prompter® continues to outperform the so-called "competition" in some of the most unforgiving environments. Even today, other "lightweight" prompting systems are still trying to catch up to the technology employed by Air Prompter®. Here's why Air Prompter® is the only choice:

        Size to Weight Ratio       Visibility       Adaptability

Size to Weight Ratio:
  • 9.5" Display at only 3 lbs.
    Air Prompter
    ® is the only LCD teleprompting system, sunlight readable or not, that has a screen larger than 9" and weighs under 3½ lbs. This is important because reading distances of up to 30 feet away, afforded by this larger screen, allow for more flexibility in your shot. And since the system only weighs 3 lbs., Air Prompter® is the optimal choice for Jib, Steadicam or handheld applications. Even today, Air Prompter® is still unmatched in the Size to Weight Ratio category.

  • 12.1" Display at only 5 lbs.
    Our large 12.1" Color Display is also a custom made Hi-Bright Teleprompter. It's the perfect system for Jibs, Cranes or standard studio set-ups on peds or lightweight tripods. This larger display allows for reading distances up to 40 to 45 feet away, and yet it still weighs less than some other's smaller displays.Weight with mirror is about 7 lbs
  • 15" Display at only 6 lbs.
    Again, same great technology on a larger color display with custom Hi-Bright integration. Reading distances up to 55 feet away. Weight with mirror is about 8 lbs.
  • Sunlight Readable
    What was a breakthrough in 1995 is still quite remarkable today; an LCD screen that gets brighter the more directly the sun hits it! Air Prompter embodies that technology by working with the sun. Whether in the studio or on the beach, Air Prompter outperforms the competition.

  • Our larger 12.1" and 15" displays are extremely bright under any condition, due to a custom backlight integration. All of our LCD Prompters have brightness & contrast adjustments for indoor or outdoor situations. (Note! Some companies may make misleading claims about their teleprompters being sunlight readable.)

  • Custom Mount (with or without mirror)
    Air Prompter's superior design is the best lightweight mount because it works harmoniously with the elements of each camera system. While other teleprompting companies have mounting systems comprised of "grip" clamp configurations, bulky plate attachments and gaffer tape, Air Prompter's custom mount allows you to slide the display on or off the camera instantly. Whether you are doing long shots or extreme close-ups, the talent's eye-line will be perfect, because since day one, Air Prompter was designed to be used without or with a mirror for through the lens teleprompting. With Air Prompter, you always have a choice!

Many of the industry professionals we work with travel extensively, produce Live shows in foreign countries and demand nothing less than Air Prompter and PC Prompting Systems on their productions, because they know we run a seamless operation.

PC Prompting is also hired domestically across the United States in cities like New York, Orlando and Miami where there are any number of Teleprompting vendors to chose from. Why? Why would producers spend the extra money on airfare and accommodations when they can hire locally?

Again, the answer is simple. PC Prompting Systems delivers high quality service, and Air Prompter truly is one of a kind.

NOTE*** Unfortunately, using other teleprompting systems comes at a price, especially outdoors when the talent can't see the text on the screen or when a system fails to operate at all. We often receive frantic phone calls from producers asking us to come out and save the shoot. So, why pay two teleprompting companies or risk the chance that we aren't available?

After all the secrets that have been told, there is one more...

Air Prompter is surpassed by only one thing: PC Prompting's Outstanding Service!

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Updated 4 October 2005
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